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We have 500+ newly built houses in Raipur Nehrugram in Dehradun . House with in affordable prices and properties is genuine and legal like R-3 land that clients can get right propertis.

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Adriti Properties is a reliable and unique platform to find your best N best Properties as per your requirement and budget. Each and evry person can get their dream house/Flats/Plots at Dehradun ( Uttrakhand) .

Founded by Mr. Sohan Pant who found a problem to chosse properties with this new era . Mr Pant and his team with utmost Quality and experienced in the field of properties for last 15 years helps and suggest the valueable properties in the area of people,s Choice. We deals in Sale purchase of House , Flats, Plots. and Renting of House , Flates ,Lands etc in the AOR ( Raipur , Nehrugram, Balawala at Dehradun . We have established a team of experts in that field so that our clients can get the safe and secure property.


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Dream House projects

Welcome to Adriti Properties the Dream House project for each  people at Dehradun.

Adriti properties where you can get your dreams House as per your choice with in your budget . We are committed to give the best N best deal.

Founded by Sohan Pant .....

We are bound to make you satisfy wtih our services. Our experienced team are working for you day and night to get you the house as per your requirements.Just get in touch with our to facilitate you.

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When you open up your latest construction project for bids, plenty of vendors will likely respond but the quality of their bids will vary dramatically. From finding missing information to reworking line items for easier leveling to untangling crossed lines of communication, you will be responsible for doing what it takes to turn imperfect bid proposals into great construction estimates.

Moreover, you’ll need to consider more than just costs. A low bid doesn’t always mean that you got lucky; it could mean that bidder doesn’t completely understand the scope, costs and deadlines of your project. An ostensibly low bid may actually lead to unexpected change orders and schedule mishaps that will consume the money you thought you were saving.

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